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Audio Visual

Audio Visual

With a combined experience of over 14 years in the AV industry; our team of experts in all relevant areas such as design, recording, & live sound will get your project started off right!

There are many aspects involved in creating high quality audio, and video systems, and we are prepared to guide you at every step along the way. From expert advice to precise drawings and documentation, we are your one-stop shop for AV design services.

Our Process
We take pride in our work, and we hope to be selected for your project. Through whatever interviews, bid process, or other, you may select our firm based upon our reputation, depth of knowledge, and ability to complete your project on time, on scope, and on budget.

There are lots of places to purchase equipment, both at retail and online, but none can offer the level of service and support you’ll find at Commercial AV Systems. Give us a try for your next project.


Project Preparation
All the components of your design are ordered and received. Our technicians assemble, test, and prepare every piece of equipment to make sure nothing is “dead on arrival.” Your Project Leader gets in touch with you to plan each phase of your project.

Our technicians physically install the system components. All the electronic equipment, projectors, mixers, signal processors, etc. are put in their proper places.  Everything is connected according to the plans.

This is where the rubber meets the road. All the infrastructure of your design comes together. Conduit is installed. Cable is pulled. Speakers, screens, and brackets are hung, and the rest of the components arrive on-site. Just in time for the next phase.

Test and Tune
After the installation, we test the entire system, end-to-end. We make sure that everything is functioning properly. Then we crank up the volume, program the computers, focus the lights and projectors, and otherwise optimize every component to fit your venue and your needs.

Commission and Training
Once we are satisfied with the Test and Tune, your Project Leader takes you on a tour of your new system. We’ll hit the broad strokes and the finer points of each component, making sure you understand the best way to operate and maintain your new tools.

We don’t just disappear when the job is done. Our designers provide you with custom user guides and systems diagrams to ensure that your staff knows exactly how your new system works. We stay in touch to make sure your expectations have been exceeded, and we service what we sell.

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