Welcome to Maroon Global Solutions

About Us

Maroon Global Solutions Inc. have operated in the information technology market since 2017, before was a DBA since 2002. Our main goal is to offer our customers services of the highest quality in the field of computer systems. The services provided by us are based on highly specialized IT solutions based on Microsoft products, Sales, Hardware Install, cabling, going through the full range of services including: cloud service, computer maintenance, computer repair, consultancy services, design and development of web solutions software to customer’s order and their completion with solution based on personal and commercial products and open-source software.

Maintenance Solutions

Let us design a solution for your needs. We operate 7 X 24 X 365 maintenance.
Whatever the budget and need we can provide options that work for you!

Onsite Coverage
We provide Onsite Service Technicians North of the United States, but at your request we can cover Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam.
We work when you do: 7 X 24 X 365

Full Lifecycle Support
Every Retailer is different; we collaborate with them to design deployments and service solutions that meet their needs and exceed expectations. With years of collaborated experience to work for you, we’ve helped our clients successfully complete hundreds of projects.
Our clients continue to trust us as their deployment partner again and again.

Onsite Fast Facts
Privately Held Company
Service Area: New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
Extended Service Area: Cover the other states not listed above, (Hawaii & Alaska), Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and Guam.

Primary Markets: Specialty Retail, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Banks, Hospital, Grocery
Primary Service Offerings: Consulting, Hardware Maintenance, Project Deployments, Complete, Lifecycle Solutions, Maintenance Solutions.

We offer a wide range of maintenance solutions. Some of our customers want a complete solution with dedicated technicians while others leverage our resources to complement their in-house self-maintenance program.

New Store Openings
Whether you need a complete solution or simple installation services, put our capabilities to work for you. Our Project Teams will deliver any combination of services to get your store open on time

Store Closings
A store pack up is filled with risk and is critical to get done right in order to re-purpose your technology. Put our Best Practices to work for you!

Inside Wiring - Low Voltage
Whether you need your network designed and cable installed or you just need help troubleshooting -  leverage our diverse experience to manage your inside wiring.

Service Desk
When you need a technician onsite for those miscellaneous needs reach out to our Service Desk. We'll coordinate an onsite technician to complete critical tasks at your store in a timely manner.